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Orientation about Program and Accountability of the Board Members of the Partner Organization

One-day program orientation was conducted with the board members of two Partner organizations (PASS Nepal and KIDS Nepal) on the 3rd and 7th of January in Bagchaur, Salyan, and Taulihawah, Kapivastu. The main objective of the program was to have the board members on board for the program overview, their support and accountability towards the program, and synthesize on abortion services. A total of 17 board members and seven staff of the partner organization were present, which comprised the chairperson, vice-chairperson, and the other board members. The Executive Director of the program was also present.

The orientation consisted of the right-based approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights, the social norms, values, current safe abortion policy, provision, and the perception of Safe Abortion, including National and International Commitments and policies in the areas. The program was led by the Head of Department- Health System and Policy-Dr. Deeb Shrestha Dangol of Ipas Nepal and was also supported by one other Ipas Staff at each district (Mr. Bishnu Devkota and Ms. Sipra Joshi). The Program Coordinator of the partner organization shared planned activities and budget for the implementation of the project. The team acknowledged the program orientation to the board members before the initiation of the program activity to have one common understanding of the overall program and be equally responsible and accountable for the completion and quality of the program.