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Health System
Strengthening and Policy

Building a Resilient Health System and policy for Safe Abortion Services

Since 2002, we have been at the forefront of advancing safe abortion services and reproductive health rights in Nepal. At Ipas Nepal, we strive for sustainable abortion access and justice, working closely with government bodies and local communities. Aligned with our strategic frameworks and safe abortion ecosystem, Ipas Nepal is implementing a groundbreaking project aimed at ensuring lasting abortion access and reproductive justice. Through an inclusive human rights-based approach, we foster a supportive environment for high-quality safe abortion services. With Nepal’s shift to a three-level federal system, we see great potential for improved healthcare access and outcomes. Leveraging this opportunity, we engage with provincial and local governments to implement reproductive health laws and policies, securing the rights of all citizens.

Ipas Nepal is dedicated to creating a robust and inclusive health system that provides necessary and high-quality healthcare services, including safe abortion, post-abortion, and contraceptive care. Our holistic approach, in close coordination with local governments, focuses on capacity building, evidence-based programming, and sustainable initiatives.

Ipas Nepal provided technical support to FWD to scale up MA services to 39 districts by 2022. Likewise, second-trimester abortion services were extended to 29 hospitals by 2023.

Health Facility Readiness:

We support health facilities in creating an enabling environment for comprehensive abortion including post-abortion care and contraceptives service. Ensuring infrastructure improvement, accreditation for service provision, and availability of necessary commodities are among our key priorities.

Empowering Health Care Providers:

Our partnership with the government spans all levels, facilitating capacity building for healthcare providers. From first-trimester medical abortion training to Auxiliary Nurse Midwives” (ANMs) and at or above second trimester safe abortion training to specialized doctors (OB /gyn and MDGP) s, we equip them with the knowledge and skills to provide safe abortion services.

Provider Support Team (PST):

We understand that training alone may not be sufficient. Our Provider Support Team ensures that healthcare providers receive the necessary support and resources to deliver quality abortion services. Clinical mentoring and facility management are vital components of this approach.

Integration of educational content in Medical Colleges:

Integration in the preservice is a sustainability approach for developing pool of human resources on safe abortion service which is cost effective as well this expertise can immediately provide the service after their graduation. To sustain a skilled workforce, we integrated first trimester safe abortion training in the pre-service education of MD residents (Obs&Gyn and MDGP) by collaborating with medical colleges, authorities, and Government stakeholders.

Research and Guideline Development:

We develop essential guidelines and learning resources packages to inform safe abortion practices at various levels. As per the national standard each type of LRP should contain three types of materials which are the trainers Guide, Learner’s handbook and Reference manual. Ipas Nepal till date has developed and updated different types of LRP which are “At or above 13 weeks Safe Abortion LRP”, “First trimester integrated Safe Abortion LRP” and “First trimester Medical Abortion LRP. These guidelines have been nationally for training different cadres of providers in Nepal. Ipas Nepal also has developed other national guidelines which are clinical mentoring guideline which supports to develop clinical mentors at national level and VCAT guideline to support to conduct stigma related activities.

Technical Support and Collaboration:

Our technical support extends to three tiers of government and various levels of health facilities. Collaborating with NGOs and stakeholders, we ensure the sustainability and quality of abortion and contraceptives services across the country. Similarly, the technical support and collaboration extends to policy formulation, policy discussion and mapping a favorable landscape for safe abortion services.

Holistic approach:

Ipas Nepal uptakes a holistic approach in strengthening the health system for safe, accessible, affordable, and quality abortion services. For this, Ipas Nepal provides SAS training to health care providers, provides technical assistance in assessing medical colleges, assessment of learning environment using a standard checklist and provides necessary support materials. Thus, Ipas Nepal adopts holistic approach for health system strengthening.

Value Clarification and Action Transformation:

Ipas Nepal dissects the stigma surrounding abortion through Value Clarification and Attitude Transformation (VCAT) approach. Ipas Nepal has conducted VCAT sessions for health care providers, policy makers, community stakeholders to build a compassion and solidarity for safe abortion.

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