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About Us


Since its founding in 1973, Ipas has been working to improve reproductive health around the world. In all these years, Ipas has been expanding access to safe abortion and contraception and protecting individuals’ right to bodily autonomy and reproductive health decisions. In the context of Nepal, Ipas Nepal, a non-governmental organization, has given technical support to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) to initiate and expand Safe Abortion Services (SAS) in the country since the legalization of abortion in 2002.

Ipas Nepal works intensively with the MoHP, the Department of Health Services (DoHS) and different divisions and centers such as the Family Welfare Division (FWD), the National Health Training Center (NHTC), Provincial Health Training Center (PHTC), the Contraceptive Care Management Division (CCMD), the Logistics Management Division (LMD), the National Health Education, Information and Communication Center (NHEICC) and district public/ health offices (D/PHOs). Furthermore, Ipas Nepal closely works at a provincial level with the local government.


Our Vision

A world where all people have the right and ability to determine their own sexuality and reproductive health.


Our Mission

Ipas builds resilient abortion and contraceptive ecosystems using a comprehensive approach across sectors, institutions, and communities.

Ipas Impact Network

In June 2022, Ipas country leaders from across the organization signed a declaration agreeing to the purpose, framework, and principles of the Ipas Impact Network. Through this declaration they actively and publicly opted into the network, which is a mutually agreed upon relationship defined by our commitment, culture and belief in shared ownership, distributed power, and equity.

In the Ipas Impact Network, country and regional teams (which we are calling “nodes” internally) will be the primary implementing and fundraising parts of the network. This includes the US country node. Service teams will provide technical, financial, communications and other services which will be shared by the country and regional nodes or used by the entire network.

Our Team

Our Strategic Plan

Ipas Nepal Strategic Plan Narrative – FY 2023-2026

Unsafe abortions put women and girls at great risk every year. Ipas Nepal puts abortion front and center in all we do. This has been our focus for 15 years and will continue to be our passion until the number of unsafe abortions in Nepal is reduced to zero.

Our vision is to help ensure that every woman and girl has the right and the ability to determine her own sexuality and reproductive health. Women are the core of families and communities, and their well-being is central to national health and stability. We are unapologetically focused on the woman or girl who wants contraception or an abortion, and we move every lever within our power to support her. We work to dismantle barriers and to foster the full realization of sexual and reproductive health and rights, which are essential to the achievement of physical, mental, spiritual, political and economic well-being. We oppose coercion in any form.

Our Partners