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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

Ipas Nepal Strategic Plan Narrative – FY 2023-2026

Unsafe abortions put women and girls at great risk every year. Ipas Nepal puts abortion front and center in all we do. This has been our focus for 15 years and will continue to be our passion until the number of unsafe abortions in Nepal is reduced to zero.

Our vision is to help ensure that every woman and girl has the right and the ability to determine her own sexuality and reproductive health. Women are the core of families and communities, and their well-being is central to national health and stability. We are unapologetically focused on the woman or girl who wants contraception or an abortion, and we move every lever within our power to support her. We work to dismantle barriers and to foster the full realization of sexual and reproductive health and rights, which are essential to the achievement of physical, mental, spiritual, political and economic well-being. We oppose coercion in any form.

One of the main evolutions in our new strategic plan is that we deliberately put the word “use” in our mission statement: “Women and girls have improved sexual and reproductive health and rights through enhanced access to and use of safe abortion and contraceptive care.” We believe it is not enough to create improved environments in which women and adolescent girls have the right to access abortion and contraception. We must also make sure that those rights result in available, accessible, and acceptable high-quality abortion and contraception so that women and girls use these services when and where they need them.