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Khatyad Rural Municipality Mugu: a movement for zero unsafe abortion and reduce domestic violence

Safe abortion program has been implemented in Mugu since Jan 2018. There are five service facilities where safe abortion services are available. Ipas Nepal continuously engaged with district health office, local government bodies and health facilities to strengthen quality safe abortion services to needy women and girls. Recently, Khatyad rural municipality has taken special initiation for “zero unsafe abortion and reduce domestic violence”. Part of this initiation, municipality has conducted strategy planning workshop and formally inaugurated (December 5, 2018 in the occasion of FCHV day program) campaign to implement activities to achieve this mission. Ipas Nepal is working closely with municipality and other stakeholders including partner NGOs (CDS-Park and KPADF) to make this movement more effective and success. There are several activities and efforts to be done to achieve this mission in Khatyad by all the stakeholders in coming days, Ipas Nepal is helping and collaborating for this mission.