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Health Response to GBV Learning Resource Package Revision

Ipas Nepal/UNFPA has been supporting National Health Training Center (NHTC) and Provincial Health Training Center (PHTC) to provide competency-based training to health service providers to ensure the best possible care for survivors through Blended Learning Training (BLT) and On-the-job trainings (OJT). The key material used in these trainings is the Health Response to GBV training package developed by NHTC with financial support from UNFPA Nepal in 2016. This package includes a Facilitators guide, learner’s guide for BLT and OJT.

Considering the need to make amendments in the existing package in line with the updated Clinical Protocol on GBV and as identified by key stakeholders, Ipas Nepal with UNFPA under the GBVPR II project funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Royal Norwegian Embassy (RNE) , has embarked on an important journey to revise the Health Response to GBV Learning Resource Package. In this regard, a Technical Working Group (TWG) Meeting, chaired by Dr Anuj Bhattachan, Director of NHTC, was held. This meeting laid out a plan of action for development of the revised training package Following the TWG meeting, a consultative meeting and two-day workshop was conducted with key stakeholders to identify key gaps through experience sharing and group discussions and revise the sections of the training manual by integrating best practices including gender transformative approach and intersectionality. Attendees included representatives from NHTC, Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), Nursing and Social Security Division (NSSD), partner NGOs/INGOs, service providers from One-stop Crisis Management Centers (OCMC), forensic experts, trainers, police and other experts involved in the development of the training package.

An initial document incorporating suggestions from attendees of the workshop has been prepared and is currently in the process of finalization.