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Declaration of Zero Unsafe Abortion

With technical and programmatic support from Ipas Nepal and, in collaboration with the civil society organizations, District Coordination Committee of Terhathum District, Province 1 has declared “Zero Unsafe Abortion District”. The announcement was made in coordination with District Health Office on Dec 15, 2020 in the presence of national and provincial parliamentary members. Civil society actors, the Mayor, Vice Mayor and other government officials expressed their solidarity and commitment for ensuing continuity of quality abortion services in the district. This declaration is a significant accomplishment in the history of Nepal as Terhathum District is the first district in the country to embark on such a campaign.

What started as a wild dream for Ipas Nepal, the Zero Unsafe Abortion Campaign, had its fair share of ups and downs. After around three years long arduous journey and with our persistent efforts, step-by-step guidance, and constant encouragement, we were delighted to see the declaration being made earlier this week. Ipas Nepal is happy to end the year 2020 – with all that it brought – on such a positive note!