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Assessment of Health Facility Readiness and Clients Knowledge, Attitude and Quality of Safe Abortion Services in Nepal

Liberalization of abortion law in 2002 and expansion of abortion service thereafter, has contributed to acute cut of the maternal death attributed to unsafe abortion from 20% to 7%. Recent estimate shows that 323,000 abortions were conducted in 2014, but only 42% were performed in government approved facilities. Different factors such as availability, access, experience of care determines the utilization of health service including safe abortion service. High-quality abortion care encompasses, but is not limited to the information about and access to safe abortion services, informed choice, privacy and confidentiality, dignity, comfort, expression of opinion and continuity of care. The objective of this monitoring activity is to assess health facility readiness and clients’ knowledge, attitude and women’s experience of care while seeking the abortion relation information, service and stigma associated with it.