Ipas Nepal support and response to the Government of Nepal fight against COVID-19 

Ipas Nepal is supporting the government response to fight against COVID-19. To focus on the needs of the country, we reached out and distributed Covid-19 medical items to 312 different health institutions—including 256 PHC/Health Posts, 43 hospitals and 3474 Female Community Health Volunteers (in 21 districts, 170 Palikas and 5 Provinces). Most of the support materials are being distributed to the remote working areas of Ipas Nepal in the hills, terai and extremely remote hard to each districts of Nepal.

Ipas Nepal is a primary partner with the Family Welfare Division in the delivery of reproductive health services to women and girls.’ Our frontline workers and FCHVs are able to safely provide information and services which directly relate to the needs of women and girls.

To address the immediate needs of the health workers, the medical items supplies handed over by Ipas Nepal were:

Medical itemsQuantity
Complete PPE set575 pcs
Water & air proof Apron2200 pcs
Surgical Mask75000 pcs
Disposable Gloves69000 pcs
KN95 Mask2000 pcs
Hand Sanitizer-500 ml700 pcs
Hand Sanitizer-100 ml9000 pcs
Surgical Sterile Gloves5000 pcs
Utility Gloves3800 pcs
Eye Goggles800 pcs
Surgical/disposable cap7000 pcs
Shoes Cover4200 pcs
Face shield250 pcs
Hand wash soap3000 pcs
Rexin(2 meter each)900 pcs
Cidex-5 liter120
MA drugs1500

Our support is to protect the health service providers who are in this difficult time going out from their comfort zone to serve their community.