The Health Systems provides key technical support to National Health Training Center (NHTC) in developing and updating Safe abortion training material for both first and Mid trimester abortion based on global guidance for the trainers and different cadres of service providers in Nepal. With close coordination with NHTC, Ipas Nepal has supported to develop and strengthen training facility for safe abortion training, providing evidence based update to the trainers and clinical mentors annually. Ipas Nepal has been providing support to maintain quality of service in both first and second trimester facility by providing post training support to the providers and facilities through the clinical mentoring approach and programmatic support. Ipas Nepal, is also engaged in initiating innovative approach like the Balanced Counselling strategy (BCS) for post abortion contraception, Blended Learning Approach in second trimester training. Ipas Nepal also works with other stakeholders to contributed in integration of SAS in different national RH manual.

Clinical mentoring in process in the facility by the clinical mentors

Support to develop a CAC procedure room